Frequently Asked Questions:

I. How much does an advocate charge?
II. What is the security that an advocate offers?
III. Questionnaire

I. How much does an advocate charge?

In view of the diversity of the cases handled by us, we do not have a standard schedule of tariffs.

The fees for each case are determined through agreements between the client and the advocate, entered into in advance.

The client may provide the advocate with details of his case, and ask the advocate to draw up an estimate of the expected costs.

In addition, it is recommended that the financial aspects of the case be discussed on a regular basis during the execution of the commission.

The fees is determined on the basis of an hourly rate, the money value of the case, or on the basis of the services provided.

While drawing up an estimate of the fees, the interest involved in the case, the degree of difficulty, the outcome of the case, the urgency and the groundwork required for the issues in the case.

The method that will be followed is agreed with the client at the time of the commencement of the case.

If possible, an estimate shall be made of the costs and the fees involved in the case.

II. What is the security that an advocate offers?

Just as every other citizen, an advocate is subject to the laws of the land, rules and regulations.

In addition, an advocate is also subject to a strict deontological (professional ethics) code, which includes the core concepts of independence, confidentiality and discretion.

An advocate is not an official or a salaried employee, and is fully independent of any governmental or pressure group. He is only answerable to the independently functioning disciplinary authority above him.

An advocate is therefore best placed to give you advice or support objectively and without external pressure.

III. Questionnaire

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